6 Frozen Food Myths It's Time You Stopped Believing

Source: frozenadvantage.org 

For too long we've overlooked the freezer aisle, treating it as a place of compromise rather than a place meant to make our lives easier. We say it's either not as nutritious or more expensive than fresh food. But many of these commonly held beliefs are actually myths. Learning to shop in the frozen food aisle can unlock a whole new world of healthy, affordable, and convenient meals. It's time we busted these frozen food myths. 


1. Frozen fruits and veggies aren't as nutritious as fresh 

Fact: Most people assume that fresh is always best, and frozen produce is strictly for convenience's sake. But it turns out, freezing produce actually helps to retain vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be lost if stored at room temperature or in the fridge. 

Recent studies found that there is no difference in nutrition between frozen produce and fresh produce and, in some cases, frozen can be higher in nutrients than fresh-stored produce. 

2. Frozen meals don't use real ingredients 

Fact: The freezer aisle of your supermarket is filled with meals made with the highest quality ingredients and prepared the way you want. 

3. Frozen foods are ready to eat 

Fact: Frozen foods include on-package cooking instructions for quality and safety. Be sure to follow the cooking instructions to keep you and your family safe and to ensure the best-tasting food. 

4. Frozen meals aren't environmentally friendly 

Fact: Actually, frozen foods minimize the amount of spoiled food we throw away because they’re already portioned out for us, so we can take what we need and save the rest for later use. 

5. All frozen foods contain added preservatives 

Fact: Freezing is a natural form of preservation, so added preservatives aren’t necessary to preserve frozen food. 

6. Frozen meals aren't a good choice for health-conscious consumers 

Fact: “Better-for-you” options are available in the frozen food aisle to make it easier for consumers to control intakes of calories, fat, saturated fat and sodium. 

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